Stega Strip

OT00308 Stega StripOT00308 Stega StripOT00308 Stega StripOT00308 Stega Strip

Product Details

The Stega Strip is a great addition to home security and really looks the part.

It can be screwed, nailed or glued directly to the fence, wall, gate or pipe as a spike up strip, or two strips can be screwed back to back and fitted to posts to create rotating spikes.

Simple and effective solution to deter intruders and thieves. designed to deliver maximum discomfort but minimum harm.

Flexible hinged design to easily fit to angled surfaces and edges for full coverage.

If using back to back with posts allow 4 strips and 3 posts per meter and an additional 4 strips and 2 posts per meter thereafter.


  • Fits to top of fences, walls, concrete structures, and gates
  • Can be used back to back with additional posts to create rotating spikes
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible design
  • Measure 500mm x 50mm