Sat-Nav Windscreen Cloth

OT00261 Sat Nav ClothOT00261 Sat Nav Cloth

Product Details

The Sat Nav Cloth has been developed by the Police who use these as a way too remove the tell-tale marks left on windscreens by satellite navigation systems.

Sat Nav's leave marks on a windscreen and advertise to thieves that your car may contain valuable items. It is important to wipe away the marks and take your sat nav with you when you leave your car.

The cloths come in a little pouch and are a great item to leave in your car or give to friends / relatives to remove the sucker rings every time you use your sat nav.

Remember, don't give it away. Wipe it away.

Car Theft Prevention Advice 

 West Mercia Police

You can significantly reduce the chance of your vehicle being targeted by taking a few simple precautions:

  • Disconnect and remove your sat nav every time you leave your car
  • Remove the suction mounted fittings and erase any marks they leave
  • Don't put the sat nav in the glove compartment - thieves may be watching you
  • Get your sat nav security marked - use forensic property marking kits or UV pens
  • Register it and any other valuable on the Immobilise national property database
  • Park in a well lit, busy area or a secure car park