Double Ended Black Marker Pen



This Dual marker pen is ideal to mark both larger and smaller items with permanent black ink. This helps you to ensure your property is not mistakenly taken by other people who thought it was their own.

It also helps reduce theft as criminals will know the goods are harder to sell on and increases their risk of being prosecuted for theft if the stolen goods are recovered by the Police.  

Police will always check stolen property of any signs of marking including UV and permanent marker. Include your house number, post code, name and phone number if possible.


Model OT00257
Box Quantity 1
Brand Solon Security
Manufacturer Code OT00257
Ink Permanent Black Ink
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Product Details

The Double Ended Marker Pen protects valuables from theft, as it permanently marks property in an overt way, making it clear who the item belongs to. This discourage thieves in the first instance, whilst also making it easier to identify and return goods in the event they are stolen. Comes with two different sized nibs of 2.5mm and 1.7mm.


  • Double ended permanent marker pen
  • Thick and thin nibs of 2.5mm and 1.7mm
  • Perfect for marking property overtly
  • Discourages thieves