Door Jammer



The Door Jammer is a Police Approved portable door security device. The unit fits under a door to quickly jam it shut, offering quick and reliable protection from forced entry attempts. Also popular as a domestic violence initiative.

Installation is easy and takes less than a minute. The jammer is suitable for most door designs and materials and comes with a handy extension for doors with a high threshold.

Model HA00715
Box Quantity 1
Brand Defender
Manufacturer Code HA00715
Colour Red
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Product Details

The Police Approved Door Jammer is a simple and durable device for boosting your doorstep security. Simply wedge the unit underneath your door and it will 'jam' shut, preventing forced entry attempts, sneak in burglaries and much more.

The Door Jammer is easy to use and can be applied to all types of doors, with the height extension feature making it suitable for different thresholds. The jammer has proven popular in a host of different scenarios, including fighting bogus callers, offering protection in domestic violence cases and protecting vulnerable residents from break-ins. The quality of the unit is backed up by the Secured By Design accreditation


  • Durable door jamming device
  • Suitable for all types of doors
  • Adjustable height for optimum usage
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Fights forced entry attempts
  • Police Approved