Festival Security Pack - For Him



The Festival Security Pack is a pre-packed bundle of security and wellbeing essentials that will ensure the only memories you bring back from your festival will be positive ones!


Foil thieves, thwart bag snatchers, block digital pickpockets and bamboozle phone grabbers with the quality, security enhancing contents, including a Police Approved personal attack alarm.


Plus you can keep yourself dry with a poncho, find your tent with a glow in the dark torch and keep your hands fresh with a bottle of sanitiser. All in one pack at outstanding value!

Model OT01035
Box Quantity Multi-Pack 8 Items
Brand Solon Security
Manufacturer Code OT01035
Stock Low Stock

Product Details

The ultimate pack for staying safe and secure at festivals and other crowded events! 

Packed full of reliable security products and quality wellbeing essentials. The contents eliminate the risk of falling victim to pickpockets, bag snatchers and opportunist thieves, leaving you free to focus on having a good time! 

Store cash and valuables safely in the secret pocket; secure yourself from threats with a 130dBs personal attack alarm; protect your phone from snatching and dropping with a simple bungee cable; protect your contactless card being skimmed by digital pickpockets; find your way around in the pitch black with a glow in the dark torch; secure your bag or tent with a handy carabiner hook; keep yourself dry and clean with a poncho and bottle of hand sanitiser

Pack Contents

  • 1 x Secret Pocket
  • 1 x Defender Cooper Personal Alarm w/Torch - Black (Secured By Design Police Approved)
  • 1 x Mobile Phone Security Cable - Black
  • 1 x Card Defender
  • 1 x LED Glow in the Dark Torch
  • 1 x Carabiner Hook
  • 1 x Disposable Poncho - Blue
  • 1 x Hand Sanitiser

Also available in a 'For Her' variety here.