Defender Simulated TV


Simulated TV

The Simulated TV is designed to light up a room just like a real TV, giving the impression to would be thieves that you are at home watching TV.  Opportunist thieves will target homes which look like an easy picking, especially those which look empty the evening. People often leave their TV's or lights on while they're out at night to put off potential burglars, however this wastes energy and can cause units to overheat if left too long.

The Simulated TV is a great alternative as it uses less energy than a standard lamp and has timer settings for added effect.

Model OT00825
Box Quantity 1
Brand Solon Security
Manufacturer Code OT00825
Power Mains Powered
Operation Auto Evening Mode / Continuous
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Product Details

The Defender Simulated TV is an intelligent, effective burglary deterrent that gives the impression someone is home watching television, even if your property is unoccupied. 

Mains powered, the unit will beam random displays of multi-coloured LED light around a room and give the impression a TV is operating. Works best when the blinds or curtains are closed and the unit is pointed toward the window, maximising the effect of the lighting. A special dusk setting also allows the unit to be set to activate automatically for up to 4 or 7 hours after dark.

The Simulated TV provides a cost effective and eco-friendly method of deterring burglars. Ideal for those who don't get home until after dark and for use while away on holiday. Leave your house looking occupied even when you're away!


  • Simulated the effect of a TV in a dark room
  • Gives the impression a property is occupied
  • Dusk setting allows automatic activation 4 or 7 hours after dark
  • Perfect for setting up while away on holiday
  • Uses far less energy than leaving an actual TV on
  • Mains powered