Card Defender


Card Defender OT01011

As contactless cards have become more common across the UK so too have incidents of Electronic Pickpocketing, with criminals using handheld card readers to 'skim' payment details and sensitive information without the victim realising.


The Card Defender is an intelligent card sleeve holder that contains RFID blocking technology that prevents cards from being read, combatting incidents of Electronic Pickpocketing, Card Fraud and Identity Theft.




Model OT01011
Box Quantity 1
Brand Defender
Manufacturer Code OT1011
Finish Silver
Stock In stock

Product Description

The Card Defender is a simple but effective device for keeping your contactless card secure from thieves and fraudsters.

Incidents of criminals using hand-held card readers to 'skim' card details have become increasingly common in the UK, with these 'Electronic Pickpockets' using the captured information to make purchases or commit identity theft.

Simply keep you card tucked away inside the Card Defender and the RFID blocking material will shield your sensitive information. Works with credit/debit cards, travel cards, student IDs etc. 

The sleeve comes branded with the Card Defender logo and the Redline Security website address. 

Product Features

  • Lightweight card sleeve holder
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Prevents your card details from being 'skimmed'
  • Protects against Electronic Pickpockets and Fraudsters
  • Branded with Card Defender logo