Keypad PIR Autodialer


Keypad Autodialer EL00012

A key pad controlled motion sensor autodialer which, if activated, will dial up to 3 programmable telephone numbers and play your own 20 second pre-recorded message, alerting yourself and others to the presence of an intruder.

Not only will it play the message but it will also release a powerful 125 decibel alarm to deter intruders. This function is optional.

Connects directly to your telephone socket (cable included).

Model EL00012
Box Quantity 1
Brand Solon Security
Manufacturer Code EL00012
Finish White
Fixing Wall Mounted
Battery 4 x AAA (included)
Stock In stock

Product Details

An intelligent device that connects to your landline phone, the autodialer detects movement via a PIR sensor and immediately dials up to 3 user-programmable phone numbers, playing a user-recorded message of up to 20 seconds. 

Armed with a user-friendly keypad, the autodialer is perfect for alerting yourself to an intruder in your home whilst you are out, or for alerting family and friends that you may require assistance.

The unit also has the option of a powerful 125dBs alarm siren which can be armed at the user's discretion, alerting intruders to the fact they have been detected as well as dialing out. The alarm can be disabled for 'silent-alert' purposes. 


  • Silent alert function
  • Connects directly to your telephone (cable included)
  • Entry / exit delay
  • PIR motion sensor technology
  • Automatically dials up to 3 user programmed telephone numbers
  • Plays a pre-recorded message
  • Keypad controlled